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'How To Deal'

A Livejournal Community For The Fans Of 'How To Deal'

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'Sometimes life is so perfect isn't it? It has to be, to make up for all the hard stuff it throws your way. You have to learn to walk, you have to learn to talk, you have to wear that totally ridiculous hat your grandma bought you. You have no say in the matter. And when you're a little older, even though you get to choose your hats, you don't get to choose what they put in those meatballs at the cafeteria ... Or when to fall in love. Things happen, and you just have to deal'. ~ Halley Martin


This is a livejournal community for the teen movie 'How To Deal', starring Mandy Moore, Allison Janney, Trent Ford, among others. Based on the Sarah Dessen novels 'Someone Like You' and 'That Summer'.

Please feel free to post discussions, movie icons, fan fiction and basically anything to do with the movie right here. Post any large pictures under an LJ-Cut and please ...No bashing!.

Also, feel free to check out the following communities associated with the movie :-
__mandymoore, trentford_fans, mandymoorefans, sarah_land


‘The girl is Mandy Moore, who has such an unaffected natural charm.
What the movie establishes above all is that Mandy Moore has a future in the movies, maybe even in the horror film she's making with Wes Craven. She has that ease in front of the camera that makes you think she's the real thing. "The secret of acting," George Burns said, "is sincerity. If you can fake that, you've got it made." Mandy Moore has it made, and the thing is, I don't think she's faking.’

- Roger Ebert // Chicago Sun Times